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Strategy Consulting & Research

Our strategy consulting and research experts design and execute in-depth analysis to solve complex business and communications problems for our clients.

Working closely with colleagues throughout FTI Consulting who specialise in specific industry sectors, we rigorously analyse stakeholder perceptions and day-to-day operations, as well as the financial markets. We use the results to help our clients create communications and marketing plans, test business strategies and make better operational decisions.

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Our Service Offerings

Capital Markets Research

We help clients determine the impact of major changes in corporate strategy or capital allocation policies on valuation and shareholder sentiment. Our research serves as an independent filter, critical to ensuring objective feedback. We have been particularly effective in helping clients assess the implications of new strategies, identify the best capital allocation policies and evaluate the threat of shareholder activism. Client services include:

  • Market intelligence
  • Investor and analyst perception studies
  • Equity valuation, including comparative valuation and financial statement analysis
  • Broader evaluation of the market, relevant peer sets and comparable situations
  • Shareholder alignment evaluation, including sentiment reviews and shareholder base diagnostics
  • Our proprietary Market Perception Index, which combines statistical and financial analysis with investor perceptions to determine the alignment of client performance, strategies and communications
  • Market scan and growth option development research and financial modeling to help clients evaluate and determine how to enter new markets

Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation rests on the opinions of a wide range of stakeholders, from investors, employees and the media to customers, policymakers and the broader public. Each group has its own specific criteria. We use a unique set of analytical tools, including our enterprise value focus and our ability to access and review opinion from many elusive audiences, as we measure corporate reputation and its impact. We believe it is critical to assess a company’s reputation and identify its potential impact on raising capital, attracting employees, evaluating new markets and maintaining credibility in crises.

Employee Engagement & Change Communications

FTI Consulting helps clients drive business performance by developing internal programmes that improve employee alignment with their goals, strategies and the drivers of reputation. Whether there’s a need to embed a new vision, integrate a merger or acquisition, restructure in response to changing markets or roll out a new brand experience, we can help you engage and inspire your people through impactful communications. 

Our services include:

  • Employee research to gauge awareness, understanding and support of organisational direction, brand strategy and positioning
  • Comprehensive audits to determine effectiveness of communications channels, methods and messages
  • Communications programmes and infrastructure development, including message architecture, leadership connections, and employee experiences through targeted channels and events
  • Tracking of studies to assess progress

Political Risk, Intelligence & Analysis

We provide law firms, corporations and government clients with clear analysis of complex issues for use in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision making and public policy debates. Using a range of analytical tools and research methods, we assess political risk and provide up-to-the-minute intelligence on political and regulatory developments. Our research-based insights help clients understand what drives key policy shifts. Our insights also support management business decisions and help in the framing of political engagement strategies.

Public Affairs Research

We provide our clients with data-driven insights to help shape public debate and government policies that affect our clients. To effectively reach and influence the right audiences, we help our clients:

  • Test messages in support of, or in opposition to, legislation or regulation
  • Identify themes and messages that expose weakness in public support for specific legislation or regulation
  • Identify the most advantageous way to frame a debate
  • Segment supporters and opponents
  • Track how a program has affected policymaker opinion
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