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Financial Communications

FTI Consulting helps executive teams, boards of directors and other senior decision makers effectively maximise their communications and marketing assets to protect, enhance, develop and defend enterprise value.

Our Service Offerings

Change Management

Events such as mergers, restructurings and crises require careful handling, both in terms of how they are managed and how they are presented. FTI Consulting gives our clients the insight and tools needed to better manage and communicate through the disruption that comes with change. Client services include:

  • Utilisation of best practices as a foundation for communications programs
  • Research into impediments to change and the necessary factors for change
  • Segmentation of the different needs and attitudes of internal stakeholders
  • Strategic communications plans with targeted messages, messengers and outcomes
  • Tracking studies to measure campaign results

Creative Engagement Solutions

As the expectation for communication between the corporate and financial communities evolves and expands, FTI Consulting helps companies understand how, when and why key financial audiences research and connect with corporations. We then develop creative, digital and social solutions to meet those needs. Client services include:

  • Digital/social media strategies and integration
  • Investor relations/M&A/IPO website design and development
  • IR+ (collaborative Web and capital markets communications)
  • Analyst/investor day video/coverage
  • Employee engagement videos

Custom Capital Markets Research

Our research and strategy consultants help clients determine the impact of major changes in corporate strategy or capital allocation policies on valuation and shareholder sentiment. Our research serves as an independent filter, critical to ensuring objective feedback. We have been particularly effective in helping clients assess the implications of new strategies, identify the best capital allocation policies and evaluate the threat of shareholder activism. Client services include:

  • Investor and analyst perception studies
  • Equity valuation, including comparative valuation and financial statement analysis
  • Broader evaluation of the market, relevant peer sets and comparable situations
  • Shareholder alignment evaluation, including sentiment reviews and shareholder base diagnostics
  • Our Market Perception Index, which combines statistical and financial analysis with investor perceptions to determine the alignment of client performance, strategy and communications
  • Market scan and growth option development research and financial modeling to help clients evaluate and determine how to enter new markets

Financial & Investor Relations Communications

Our communications experts turn clients’ financial results into potent investor updates that showcase key initiatives and offer progress updates. Through an appropriate and balanced mix of traditional and online media, we ensure our clients’ messages influence investors, support valuations, and improve the visibility of company decisions and actions. Further, we serve as our clients' liaison to the international investment community.

Our services include:

  • Conference call scripting
  • Q&A preparation
  • Media relations
  • Presentation messaging
  • Creative engagement solutions
  • Market intelligence
  • Global investor outreach
  • Facilitation of meetings between management and key shareholders
  • Introductory calls with new investors
  • Analysation of investor discussions to uncover future messaging strategies
  • Organisation of analyst/investor days
  • Creative engagement solutions, including video

IPO & Capital-Raising Communications

From prospectus filing to the listing and end of the quiet period, we develop and distribute key messages to help clients raise capital, maximise valuations and minimise transaction risks. Client services include:

  • Comprehensive communications advice before and during the transaction
  • Development and dissemination of the equity story
  • Preparation of management for engaging with the international investor community
  • Preparation of the company for becoming a publicly traded entity
  • Media relations to communicate the investment case and argue the valuation

M&A Communications

We consistently are ranked as the #1 communications advisor in global league tables by deal count. We deliver comprehensive communications advice in recommended and unsolicited transactions and work for listed and non-listed companies to support the acceptance of a public offer or defend against a hostile bidder. We build and manage a communications platform to reach all audiences in a planned, multi-stakeholder approach. 

Client services include:

  • Development and dissemination of the merger story
  • Media relations and shareholder communications
  • Communications surrounding proxy solicitation
  • Employee outreach and engagement
  • Transaction websites and digital/social media strategies
  • Counsel and implementation of post-merger integration or disposals
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of each communication

Proxy Solicitation & Support

FTI Consulting serves as a communications partner through proxy battles and activist investor situations to help clients:

  • Monitor stakeholder sentiment to identify potential problems
  • Disarm and defuse hostile shareholder campaigns
  • Build support and visibility for management positions
  • Broaden the shareholder base to include long-term institutional investors unlikely to provoke proxy battles
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