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Creative Engagement

Our award-winning creative engagement specialists work with other strategic communications services to provide innovative solutions for our clients' mission-critical issues. We collaborate to support clients with brand, corporate and marketing communications across all media and markets to advance business objectives with target audiences: consumers, executives, investors and journalists.

Our Service Offerings

Advertising & Paid Media Solutions

Because they have deep relationships with a broad set of media partners, our media strategists can secure the best opportunities for our clients at the most reasonable cost. Media channels that we commonly make the most of include:

  • Online display advertising and search engine marketing
  • Wireless/mobile and e-mail
  • Digital outdoor
  • Print, banner and broadcast advertising
  • Media partnerships
  • Paid media integration with overall communications and marketing plans


The marketing experts at FTI Consulting develop and deploy a wide variety of solutions to advance our clients’ communications objectives. Our services include:

  • Strategic marketing, marketing materials (print and digital) and marketing/product websites
  • Advertising and media buying (print, digital and outdoor)
  • Exhibitions
  • Signage and hoardings

Optimisation & Analytics

By basing their work on the most comprehensive and actionable analytics, our digital media and research experts optimise content, design and functionality for maximum impact. We also provide our clients with data dashboards so they can track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Social Media

The digital and social media experts at FTI Consulting work with clients to identify and engage key stakeholders through the most appropriate and powerful paid and non-paid digital channels. We develop custom solutions for each client, stakeholder and issue.

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User Experience Design

FTI Consulting follows a user-centric philosophy for each project while aligning organisational objectives, strategic vision and marketing goals. We ensure that the user (whether interactive or offline) has an experience that is welcoming, easy to use and compelling.

Websites & Applications

From corporate websites to dedicated M&A transaction sites and mobile applications, our design team conceives and produces award-winning creative design and content to reach and influence key stakeholders. Because each market is unique, our global team marries local knowledge with universal best practices to maximise user experience and achieve communications and business goals.

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