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In some instances, the best way to maximise asset value is to initiate formal insolvency proceedings. Through our extensive experience providing formal solutions to our clients, FTI Consulting is well-positioned to provide critically needed advice and assistance to directors, companies, creditors and other stakeholders to achieve optimal results. Our skilled team of professionals manage all types of formal administrations from large to small, corporate to individual. We recognise that the needs of stakeholders are paramount when dealing with distressed companies and aim to utilise our experience, skills and contacts to maximise financial outcomes.

Our senior team members are able to accept formal corporate recovery appointments in key jurisdictions across Asia and in offshore jurisdictions such as Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands and Mauritius and with a local practitioner where relevant or required. We have been at the forefront of a number of groundbreaking and novel formal appointments across Asia to create value from extremely difficult situations and jurisdictions. We are also accustomed to dealing with the very real practical issues that can be the difference between success and disaster, such as replacing legal representatives in the PRC, obtaining freezing orders and presenting Court applications in the most favourable light.

Formal Solutions to Save Businesses
Our primary goal is to save businesses. The majority of distressed situations we are involved in result in the restructuring, sale or re-listing of a company’s business. A formal solution may simply be used to restructure or turnaround a business by using lower voting thresholds and mechanisms to bind creditors or to put in place independent control of a holding company to then restructure viable operating subsidiaries.

Investigations and Litigation
FTI Consulting has been involved in some of the most high profile corporate investigations in Asia. Utilising some of Asia’s most experienced forensic practitioners, we have the tools, capability and expertise to investigate, analyse, recover data and understand complex frauds and collapses. We have successfully conducted litigation against auditors, directors and other advisors involved in a number of substantial corporate collapses in Asia.

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