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1.        On-the-spot interview of the Security Brigade of Shanghai Security Service Corporation stationed in the World Expo Park by the CCTV correspondent on August 6, 2009;
2.        Special interview of Wei Zhongyi, General Manager of Shanghai Security Service Corporation on World Expo security work as a guest invited by SMG News Channel to the ‘News Night’ show on August 16, 2010;
3.        News Briefing by Shanghai Security Service Corporation on World Expo security work on October 21, 2010, with over ten well-known media units in Shanghai joining in the occasion, including SMG, Xinmin Evening News, Libration Daily, Wenhui Daily, and Labor News;
4.        Special report entitled ‘Uprightness and Integrity as Displayed by a New Generation of the World Expo Security Guards’ carried in the special column ‘Demeanor’ of Labor News on August 16, 2010;
5.        ‘Standing Fast at Their Post for an Entire Night in the Rains for the Safety of a Truckload of Dangerous Cargo’, a special report in ‘Shanghai Legal Daily’ on August 16, 2010 about the outstanding deeds as demonstrated by the World Expo supercargoes and the supercargo Cao Donglin, who struggled to the last of his life to keep safe the escorting car loaded with hazardous articles;
6.        ‘After-80s Generation Active at the Forefront of the World Expo’, a special story in ‘Xinmin Evening News’ on August 26, 2010;
7.        ‘Vigorously Promote World Expo Spirit and Fully Upgrade Security Brand’, an article carried in ‘China Security’ (3rd Issue, 2011) in February 2011, highlighting the efforts by Shanghai Security Service Corporation to cultivate its brand;
8.        Shanghai Security Service Corporation Huaian Branch formed on August 18, 2011, which was reported on the following day in ‘Huaian Daily’ by the title of ‘Merging in Huaian to Build up a New Tomorrow’;
9.        ‘Keeping on Creating and Serving the Public’, a special report in the ‘Glory of Security’ column of ‘Shanghai Security’ in March 2012 about the experience by the Songjiang Escorting Brigade of Shanghai Security Escort Co., Ltd. in its strict management in the escorting work and its persistent emphasis on the improvement of service.